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Disappearing /h/

In spoken English, unstressed pronouns beginning with /h/, like he, her and him, usually drop the /h/ sound after a consonant.

Listen to these sentences:

Give (h)er a dollar.

Is (h)e ready to go?

I told (h)im to call me.







/iz/ or /əz/


/im/ or /əm/





NOTE: You can drop the /h/ and /th/ in the pronouns he, him, her, his and them when these words are: unstressed, at the end of a sentence, in the middle of a sentence. Do not reduce these words if they start a sentence.

He gave me the money.

Give the money to (h)im.


Practice saying these sentences. Record in your voice board "Dropped /h/ and /th/".

1. I like her.

2. Is he here?

3. Was he sleeping?

4. Ask her about it.

5. Look them up.

6. Give her a call.

7. She's crazy about him.

8. Did he or didn't he?

9. Where's his coat?

10. Is he very busy?